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Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 Multi-Platform 14 [Old Version]

Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 Multi-Platform 14 [Old Version]

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 Multi-Platform 14 [Old Version]
Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 Multi-Platform 14 [Old Version]
Smartphone selfies. Tablet landscapes. Posed portraits and quick candids. You take more photos than ever before. Keep focusing on the memories -Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 will make them look great with quick edits, artistic touches and fun transformations. Create beautiful scrapbook pages and cards, and share to favorite social sites. And find any photo, fast.
  • Organize - All your memories at your fingertips. Order, label, find and view your photos and videos your way.
  • Edit - Go from so-so snapshots to forever-favorite photos. Make quick edits, add artistic touches like a pro, or transform your photos to wow friends and family. Photoshop Elements can step you through or do it for you.
  • Create - Show your creative side. Make scrapbook pages and cards to share lasting memories.
  • Share - Share memories with the people who matter the most the way that works for you - Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, and more.
  • Find your stuff, fast. Every memory at your fingertips. Quickly find photos and videos by favorite people, where you were, or what you were doing.

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What customers say about Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 Multi-Platform 14 [Old Version]?

  1. 757 of 770 people found the later assess caring
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    See it in Action!, October 4, 2015
    V. Hutson
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This assess is early: Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 Multi-Platform 14 [Ancient Version] (CD-ROM)

    Consumer Video Assess Length:: 7:39 Mins

    I’ve ancient Photoshop Elements in check over of the fact that version 2 and I fervently judge it is the best photo-editing curriculum AND digital painting curriculum void for under $100. It will do most of the editing responsibilities that the full version of Photoshop does but at a part of the cost. Clear, in check over of the fact that Photoshop Elements is based on the full version of Photoshop all you learn can be easily translated to the full version if you choose to buy a subscription for Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud). This is the software I be inflicted with my students buy for the “Digital Photography” and “Digital Painting” college classes that I teach.

    I’ve built-in a video that shows some of the facial appearance of Elements 14. If you already own a version of Photoshop Elements you can probably skip the video and scroll not effective to the underneath of this assess to look into my recommendations on whether or not it is worth upgrading to version 14.

    For persons of you who are new to Photoshop Elements it has two basic gears. The at the initiation is the Editor which is the curriculum you use to get on to changes to your photos–or to paint digital paintings. The other constituent is the Organizer which is ancient to deal with and regulate your photos. Both are fantastic programs. I now be inflicted with extremely nearly 60,000 photos in the Organizer and with a click of a pin I can easily find the photo I am looking for.

    If you are serious or half-serious about editing photos this is the curriculum I urge. Another benefit of purchasing Photoshop Elements is that there is a lot of free material online that will help you learn how to use the curriculum. There are also a lot of skilled books. By and large, my favorite Photoshop books are by Scott Kelby.

    If you solely aspire an straightforward curriculum to use to edit a few photos at that calculate there are greatly cheaper programs void. More importantly, there are loads of online photo-editing programs that are absolutely free! One of my favorite free online photo editing applications is Sumopaint.

    Adobe offers a free 30-day trial so you force aspire to download it at the initiation and see if you be fond of it. The download is a sweet huge file so solely get on to sure you be inflicted with a at once internet connection–and a lot of calculate for the installation administer! You will need to initiation an tab with Adobe before you can download the free trial.

    So what is new in this version? A few bits and pieces. There is a new “Bye-bye camera shake” map that reluctantly sharpens distorted images with a click of a pin. It performs in the end the same as the “Unsharp Mask” or “Change Sharpness” filter–but it is simpler to use if you are new to the curriculum. The same thing with the one click “By no means a hazy day” map that removes space haze. They be inflicted with owing to some “enhancements” to the refine choice map to get on to it simpler to brilliant mane and other fine details. They be inflicted with also altered the interface for the “Guided” edit bring about space. I’m not sure if I be fond of it or not. You can check over the video to see how it now looks. They be inflicted with also enhanced the “Find” map in the Organizer. I place of safeguard’t had a opportunity to use that yet so I can’t comment on it. I’m sure there are probably other minor changes as well. Elements is capable of responsibility so greatly it is a touch hard to even admit new facial appearance!

    My recommendations to current Photoshop Elements Users:

    Photoshop Elements 9-11: I reflect you would benefit early upgrading. There are a lot of new facial appearance that be inflicted with been added over the past years–some foremost some not.

    Photoshop Elements 12-13: This is a tough encourage. If you’re pleased with what you be inflicted with you probably don’t need to upgrade. The best would be to download the 30-day trial to see if it is worth the upgrade. I protect upgrading because I use this software in my courses and it is vital that I be inflicted with the newest version.

    Photoshop Users: Considering that you can no longer buy the full version of Photoshop (now that it is subscription only), you may aspire to premeditated purchasing Elements as a backup. I reflect you will be amazed at all the material it can do!

    I hope this assess helps you choose if Photoshop Elements 14 is a touch you aspire to buy!

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  2. 194 of 204 people found the later assess caring
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Facility On W10; Huge Edit Changes Are Haze Removal & Shake Reduction & In Guided Edit, September 28, 2015
    Kenneth Depree (Sosua, Dominican Republic) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    This assess is early: Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 Multi-Platform 14 [Ancient Version] (CD-ROM)
    Update 7 October 2015. Being paid my at the initiation update. Camera Raw is life simplified to version 9.2.
    I am solely being paid acquainted with Elements 14, but there are some helpful changes compared with 13. Greatly ruins the same, but additions/revisions that stand out contain:

    1. In the Practiced manner, the huge changes are haze removal and shake reduction, both taken early Photoshop CC. For both, you can get on to the adjustments reluctantly or with the use of sliders. They are on the “Enhance” decline not effective menu.

    Haze removal is caring it cold owing to haze that you now and again see on your photos, especially landscapes, giving you more clarity, especially in the shadows. It is not a tool you are likely to use often, but it is clever to be inflicted with for persons times when haze spoils an otherwise fantastic photo.

    Shake reduction in some way senses the quantity and management of the blur caused by passage of the camera when the photo was taken and rumor has it that rearranges the pixels and sharpens them to lower the blur. Land the camera still is still the best way to prevent blur, but this is a caring tool to be inflicted with.

    A third change in the Practiced manner is a refine edges brush that gives you more potential when refining edges on cutouts than does the refine edges mandate in Elements 13. It is on the “Brilliant” decline-not effective menu. It is also taken early Photoshop CC.

    2. The Guided Edit is everywhere there is the utmost change. When you commence the Guided manner, along the top are 6 categories: basics, affect, black & white, fun edits, unique edits, photo merge. Below that will be 9 image windows for the options in the basics category. This seems to be the default way for it to commence.

    The options in the “basics” category are: brightness & pull a distinction, assess skin tone, crop photo, levels, improve & grow dim, resize your photo, rotate & tidy, sharpen, vignette look. For each of persons options. there is a try out on which you can do a before and with to get an perception what this choice force do for your photo. When you choose on an choice to use, click on it and when it opens you can any reluctantly or with sliders/brushes get on to persons changes on your own photo.

    The options in the “fun look” category are ancient fashioned, out of bounds, picture stack, pop art, puzzle look, reflection, speed look, zoom burst look.; in the “black & white” category they are black & white, b&w affect pop, b&w selector, distinguished key, line depiction, low key.

    3. The Instant Edit manner seems to be inflicted with been tweaked a bit, but in the end it is greatly the same as 13.

    My feeling at this ahead of schedule stage is the Elements 14 is the most exact version to appointment, more be fond of Photoshop CC than ever.

    To sum up what I reflect are the foremost changes as a photo editor early Elements 13: haze removal and shake reduction in the “Practiced” manner and building the “Guided” manner surpass and even more user forthcoming. In detail, it is so straightforward to use that i don’t reflect new users must waste greatly calculate with the “Instant” manner.

    Because I don’t use the “Organizer” function, i can’t speak to that But I am sure persons who do will also find tweaks and improvements be inflicted with been owing to.

    Elements 14 comes in both the 64 and 32 bits versions, and the not effective loader/installer detects which is best for your computer.

    If you are wondering if Elements 14 facility on Windows 10, the resolution is “yes”. I be inflicted with Windows 10 64 bits.

    Whether there is enough to justify upgrading early Elements 13, each person will be inflicted with to choose with considering what I reflect are the foremost changes.

    But if you are still using Elements 12 or one of the before versions, upgrading to 14 will give you a greatly surpass, more exact photo editor.

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  3. 150 of 157 people found the later assess caring
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Most powerful version yet!, September 29, 2015
    Katie C. Nelson (USA) –

    This assess is early: Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 Multi-Platform 14 [Ancient Version] (CD-ROM)
    I’m inane to assess what’s new and superior and also talk about how it applies to digital scrapbookers in all-purpose. If you aspire to skip to the underneath line though, this is it…


    Of way that is permanently a matter of what you can afford and everywhere you aspire to waste your cash, but at this calculate are my recommendations:

    1) If you can afford it and aspire the best, this is it. Seriously, this is the most powerful Photoshop Elements curriculum that has ever existed, especially when it comes to photo editing and tools.

    2) If you are using a version below PSE 10 or 11, I vastly suggest upgrading because there are so loads of new facial appearance that be inflicted with come out in the last few releases – especially for digital scrapbookers in the workspace.

    3) If you solely barely upgraded to PSE 13 and are wondering if you need 14, I feel be fond of you need to choose how vital the photo edits and new tools are for you as there isn’t greatly of a change by and large for digital scrapbookers. Be sure to look into owing to some of the facial appearance that I talk about in this placement to help you get on to your pronouncement.

    4) If you use the organizer to protect footstep of photos and use facial recognition, this version has some skilled improvements that will get on to it worth your even as (and cash) to upgrade.

    Dredge up that Adobe doesn’t design this manufactured goods specifically for digital scrapbookers. It is a photo editing tool at the initiation and chief. The organizer is also a potential part of the manufactured goods. Even though persons facial appearance are designed with the photographer in mentality, they are still a huge part of digital scrapbooking. Fantastic photos = fantastic autograph album pages!

    The workspace with it’s layers and cleverness to add actions and styles is an vital aspect for digi scrappers, but it’s not the at the initiation thing on Adobe’s docket when they look at what to add in each new release. That’s ok with me in all-purpose because it’s already a GREAT curriculum for all of the things correlated to digital scrapbooking. Honestly, the only thing I really would be fond of to see them add for us digi scrappers would be the cleverness to place shadows on a break layer. Other than that, the improvements that be inflicted with come with the last few upgrades be inflicted with owing to me extremely pleased as a digital scrapbooker and I be inflicted with no reason to look to the full (and expenseive) Photoshop curriculum for what I do with my own digital reminiscence maintenance and even for my digital diverse media creations. I solely LOVE the austere and user forthcoming interface of Adobe Photoshop Elements!

    So… I bet you are wondering what is new in 14? There are some really cool things!

    NEW & IMPROVED – Photo Edits

    I especially like that you can visually see the menu of photo edits and be with you exactly what each one is inane to do for your photo. When you commence the guided edits tab, you can 6 different menus for photo edits including; basic edits, affect edits, black & white edits, fun edits, unique edits, and photomerge.

    NEW & IMPROVED – Photo Tricks

    This is the part of the new release that I am most excited about. I be inflicted with numerous photos that I be inflicted with earlier painstaking to be ruined that can be saved now! The car haze removal tool is simply incredible! The Camera Shake minor change tool is another lifesaver as well. How loads of times be inflicted with you lamented that the exact picture was hazy? I admit I be inflicted with loads of of these in my own bring collectively.

    Precise Advantage Choice is another fantastic map if you be fond of to wring images. It’s extremely tough to get fine mane to come out looking defined without the help of some powerful software.

    NEW & IMPROVED – More Powerful Organizer

    If you use the organizer tool in PSE, the upgrades in this release will be extremely exciting for you. Surpass facial recognition and more powerful establishment get on to a huge variation when you aspire your photos sorted properly.

    MINOR TWEAKS – Workspace Options

    There were not a lot of changes in this vicinity and as I stated before, I don’t reflect there were loads of looked-for.

    I hope this assess has been caring for persons of you who are considering upgrading to Adobe Photoshop Elements 14. I really delight in using this curriculum and feel be fond of it is the best version yet.

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