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PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR

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PlayStation VR
PlayStation VR
Discover a new world of unexpected gaming experiences with PlayStation VR. Redefine your expectations of immersion in gaming with moments so intense your intuition takes over. Step into incredible virtual worlds and overcome new challenges in extraordinary ways. Greatness Awaits with PlayStation VR. Games Come First - With gamers in mind, PlayStation delivers a new world of unexpected gaming experiences through PlayStation VR. Play some of the most highly anticipated titles of 2016 on PS VR in
  • Contains: PlayStation VR headset, Processor unit, PlayStation VR headset connection cable, HDMI cable, USB cable, Stereo headphones, AC power cord, AC adaptor, PlayStation VR Demo Disc
  • Games Come First - With gamers in mind, PlayStation delivers a new world of unexpected gaming experiences through PlayStation VR.
  • Just Plug and Play - Getting into PlayStation VR couldn't be easier. Just plug the PlayStation VR headset and your PlayStation Camera into your PlayStation 4 system. Sold separately.
  • Advanced VR Display - Seamless visuals keep you connected to the virtual world through an expansive 5.7" OLED 1080p display running at up to 120 frames per second.
  • 3D Audio Technology - 3D Audio with PlayStation VR means that you'll be able to pinpoint sounds above, below, and all around you.

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What customers say about PlayStation VR?

  1. 667 of 693 people found the later assess caring
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Free your mentality – take the red pill, October 16, 2016
    Genryu (California) –

    Verified Buy(What’s this?)
    This assess is early: PlayStation VR (Video Diversion)

    This is probably the at the initiation VR encounter for most of you conception this, so at this calculate are my thoughts on what to guess: the skilled, the terrible, and eventually whether it’s worth giving VR and Sony a shot. There’s a evaluation to Oculus and HTC Vive below for persons who are unusual as well as a TLDR at the underneath.

    – Extremely straightforward to place on, facility well with glasses and is comfortable on the have control over even for longer building a bet sessions.
    – Tracks position easily when moving nearly a practically large vicinity.
    – Straightforward to re-crucial point with solely the touch of the ‘options’ pin so you can get in a nice snug position to mess about.
    – Comes with a lot of different types of VR demos, sports assembly, videos, experiences to try out of the box.
    – Cast iron to impress friends, family ranking, and noteworthy others.
    – Lets you mess about regular sports assembly and mind movies on a huge virtual theater cover (up to about IMAX mass).
    – Lets you mess about sports assembly privately when someone moreover wants to use the TV.
    – Using AMOLED screens earnings nice dark black levels with that fantastic pull a distinction ratio.
    – Unlike buying that privileged resolution show, this really feels be fond of you got a touch new and unique.
    – Really is solely ‘promote and mess about’ – no driver troubleshooting looked-for

    – Can use the cinematic manner on other devices (Xbox, PC), but you can’t easily re-position it without having the dual-shock controller which can be a genuine bummer if you’re not in a comfortable position already.
    – The playstation go controllers get on to sports assembly feel more interactive, but there are diverse consequences with tracking in certain sports assembly (80-90% of the calculate it facility all the calculate.)
    – Video applications be fond of VRideo are really cool, but demand a skilled deal of bandwidth to run fluidly at privileged resolutions. Alas no Youtube VR support (yet).
    – 3D spatial audio not now well-matched with wireless headsets, but it’s extremely straightforward to use a wired duo (and one comes in the box).
    – There are a lot of wires you need to promote in to get collectively, but they contain a extremely straightforward to follow instruction blue-collar and a beefy connection cable that is practically lasting and must last a long calculate.
    – Most sports assembly bring about fantastic with the standard PS4 controller, but the go controllers really do get on to it more immersive so you must waste up if you get the ‘basic’ version.

    – Visuals not as sharp as competitors, and frankly plenty of noticeable aliasing/jaggies in certain sports assembly/applications.
    – YMMV on nausea with more ‘active’ titles that be inflicted with lots of change in management.
    – Loses footstep of you if your camera isn’t positioned well.
    – Wires suck and really limit how far you can go nearly. An unfortunate negotiate to hit the lower pricepoint and lower the latency.
    – Not prudent to use with friends who get frightened easily. Seriously, don’t let ‘jumpy’ people mess about even as permanent or moreover you may end up with a hurt supporter, or of poorer quality a smashed/broken VR receiver.
    – PS VR worlds DOES NOT come with the basic version – a genuine bummer. In the end, buy the launch bundle if you don’t be inflicted with a PS Camera and/or PS Go controllers already. Come on Sony, support your fans and toss it in for all.

    Evaluation to Oculus: Oculus has the resolution, but lacks in the areas of positional tracking, cost, and rife support for their $200 controllers. Eventually if you aspire the highest visual fidelity seated VR encounter go for the Oculus, or surpass yet wait for their just announced wireless receiver. For persons who solely aspire to be inflicted with fun in VR and don’t aspire to deal with drivers, PC hardware upgrades skip the Oculus.

    Evaluation to HTC Vive: HTC Vive has superior spatial tracking, and frankly is probably the highest quality encounter in VR today. But, its really lacking right now in terms of at the initiation and third party sports assembly. This is an vicinity everywhere I reflect Sony has a lot of room to shine in the VR space. Same issues with driver updates and hardware upgrades as the Oculus.

    Closing thoughts: This is extremely greatly a at the initiation age group manufactured goods, but Sony is off to a fantastic initiation. The foremost negatives right now be inflicted with to do with a lack of horsepower for that extra clean close. Sports assembly be fond of DriveClub VR be inflicted with some sweet obvious visual compromises, but it’s a touch you don’t look after to notice once you initiation moving. With a bit of luck the PS4 Pro will help with as long as the added graphical prowess to get on to for cleaner visuals – but even without being paid the newest and utmost PS4 you’ll be in for a handle.
    I dredge up before a live audience a VR diversion back in a mall in the 90’s, it was fantastic, looked terrible and I knew at all times I was permanent in a giant cut of plastic in the mall. With the PSVR on you lose sense of calculate, get literally transported to a different place, and truly penetrate a new world. Upcoming sports assembly be fond of Robinson the Journey are inane to give you the opportunity to explore new worlds be fond of you’re really there, and that’s what makes VR…

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  2. 442 of 471 people found the later assess caring
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    PSVR Tips, October 13, 2016
    Adam (New York) –

    Verified Buy(What’s this?)
    This assess is early: PlayStation VR (Video Diversion)

    – Once you exact the instant calibration, go to the PS4 Settings menu and into VR Options and exact the meticulous calibration. This will help out will the interest, and get on to sure your setup is exact.

    – There are tons of free sports assembly and apps on the store, it’s a skilled perception to get started on downloading them now, so they’ll be ready to mess about once your PSVR receiver arrives.

    – DO NOT place your PSVR element anywhere it will come into contact with sunlight. The lens on the receiver will collect the sunlight and focus it on a release point on the cover inside. Continual exposure will place small a skin condition on your cover that will ruin your encounter with the system.

    – DO NOT initiation your at the initiation VR encounter with a diversion that involves a lot of motion. So no DriveClub or Eve: Valkyrie. This will get on to you motion sick and give you nausea. Initiation will a reduced amount of intense sports assembly and demos and bring about your way up. Ease physically into the more intense experiences and you won’t be inflicted with any problems.

    – If you do get motion queasiness, take off the receiver straight away. Some people will try to potential owing to the queasiness, but with you initiation feeling sick the longer you pause in the receiver, the longer the queasiness will last. Solely take it off, and go back in with a modest break. Maybe try an simpler and more comfortable diversion at the initiation.

    – If you’re being paid hazy thought even as before a live audience, try this: go to Settings->Devices->PSVR->Rank eye to eye space. Get on to sure you’re 70cm early the camera when responsibility the setup. Force not signal be fond of a huge deal, but responsibility it at that space will really help.

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  3. 165 of 179 people found the later assess caring
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Living The Awesome notice!, November 3, 2016

    Verified Buy(What’s this?)
    This assess is early: PlayStation VR (Video Diversion)

    Consumer Video Assess Length:: 1:34 Mins

    20 years ago, 12 year ancient me would awesome notice about tech be fond of this arresting our living rooms. What a calculate to be active! It’s at this calculate and it’s genuine! I’ve been looking forwards to Sony’s PSVR ever in check over of the fact that they announced it years ago as Scheme Morpheus. I hadn’t tried any other sets apart early for the low-cost cardboard versions and even with persons I was impressed with everywhere we were at with this technology. It took another week for my element to get to me because I am stationed overseas, so owing to the last week I’ve only been conception reviews and most of them are sweet accurate early what I’ve played so far. Finally at this calculate are my thoughts on it. In my assess I’m inane to touch on erect/design, set-up, graphics, tracking, sports assembly, motion-queasiness, and fun thing.


    As most reviews be inflicted with keen out this is the most attractive receiver of the bunch. It looks skilled, feels skilled, and is comfortable as hell. The way they designed it even allows you to wear it with glasses on. It’s also really a lot lighter than I plotting it would be. I be fond of how it secures to your have control over by a corona type band that stretches and goes nearly the top of your have control over which can be tightened by a modest veer on the back. The largest cut that covers the eyes can at that calculate slide back and into the world. This helps when I need to promptly see further than the VR world to find controllers or see what’s physically nearly me. All I be inflicted with to do is push a pin, slide the check over cut back a modest and I can see, at that calculate slide it back and I’m back in the diversion. The design is genius.


    Setting this thing up wasn’t as terrible as people owing to it out to be. The directions were extremely austere; extremely nearly be fond of Lego directions. It took me about 10 minutes to install. Calibrating it wasn’t an come forth as well. It calibrates sweet instant for me every calculate I mess about. Solely hold the choice pin to re-crucial point the picture to everywhere you’re physically permanent. Whenever I’m owing to before a live audience I solely disconnect the foremost VR cable early the receiver, place the receiver away and tuck the long foremost cable away. When I’m ready to mess about again I solely promote the receiver back in and go. Sweet austere.


    I’ll admit resolution is not that fantastic, but for me it was expected. With all the reviews I look into my expectations were set low. But with before a live audience it for myself it’s not THAT BAD. I’ve seen some people say that it looks be fond of PS2 sports assembly, I would say more be fond of PS3 sports assembly. Also there are some sports assembly that look really skilled and some sports assembly that solely look terrible so it depends what you mess about. In my opinion, the cartoony sports assembly hold up really well. Other sports assembly that are expected to be inflicted with a more photorealistic look be fond of Handbook Bash or At this calculate They Lie suffer greatly more. Although In anticipation of daylight really doesn’t look that terrible at all. There are some cases everywhere copy does look hazy. The best fix for this is to change the receiver nearly in anticipation of your eyes hit that sweet tinge in the lens everywhere things look their sharpest. It’s not inane to be tack sharp but it won’t be hazy. I don’t admit why things nearly the edges of the viewing lenses look super hazy, but solely find that sweet tinge and you’ll be skilled.


    At at the initiation tracking worked wonderfully for me. But one night when I was before a live audience it suddenly became appalling. The diversion modest jumping nearly or shifting slowly. During London Heist, by the end of the car chase level my character was facing absolutely left even though I was still facing the camera. Don’t get me ill-treat I still judge the tracking facility fantastic but that depends on how you be inflicted with it set up. I plotting I was skilled because at the calculate I had all my illumination off but at that calculate I realized I still had this small set alight on the table behind me switched on and there were two large picture frames lynching on the roadblock directly behind me which were visibly reflecting the rear illumination of the receiver off the schooner. This was causing a lot of mix-up for the PS camera. With I fixed the come forth the tracking worked greatly surpass. Not exact but it was competent enough not to ruin my encounter. Every once in a even as my in diversion hands force jerk suddenly or disappear if I twisted nearly and blocked the check over of the wands. Case in point: 360 shooters be fond of Brookhaven Conduct experiment. Fantastic thing about that diversion is their key was to be inflicted with you press a pin to turn your character nearly so you didn’t be inflicted with to do it IRL.

    Sports assembly/motion queasiness/fun thing

    I reflect the PSVR started off with a fantastic launch line up. Most of the title so far are fleeting experiences, maybe 1-2 hours at the most. They show case a lot about what is so awesome about VR. It leaves you lacking more and excited for what is to come in the future of PSVR. I reflect everywhere VR sports assembly bring about best are cockpit sports assembly and sports assembly everywhere you frequently stand in one tinge. As cool as it is to go nearly freely it is a modest jarring when your brain perceives you…

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